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Hot Spot 5 Student Bk

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Hot Spot is a communicative course with an accessible grammar syllabus designed to address the needs of teenagers. Fun and engaging, it makes the most of the teenager's growing identity through motivating texts and stories. Key Features of Hot Spot 5 - Even more cross-curricular and cross-cultural content and authentic reading texts - PET for schools exam style activities appear throughout as well as special Exam. - Communicative activities with controlled practice enabling students to talk confidently about themselves and the wider world. - Fully contextualised and practised grammar. - Extra special! lessons include stories, poems and plays as well as a mini-project that is perfect for homework and encourages communicative language use - A Writing Bank includes guidance on writing short messages, informal letters and emails and short stories. - A Vocabulary Bank comprises handy checklists such as make and do, common opposites, etc. - Regular Check your English activities encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning. - The illustrated Grammar Summary provides additional grammar support and practice. - Review sections after each module and the Learning Diary in the Activity Book check students' progress in line with the CEFR Hot Spot 5 Practice Online offers students extra practice of the language and vocabulary syllabus followed in Hot Spot 5. It contains over a hundred interactive resources designed to practise grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, listening comprehension as well as exam practice.

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